Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wait and hurry up :(

Yes, the saying is usually "Hurry up and wait," referring to a situation in which one rushes to do something and is then delayed.  For example, if I rush to the subway station in the hope of getting to work at a decent hour, but then, my subway train is held in the station (or, worse yet, in the tunnel), that would be described as a "Hurry up and wait" situation.  In this case, however, the problem is the opposite.  I've been working on this darned project for over two years, and now they're in a hurry?!  If I weren't 65, I could have had a baby--no, two babies--in the amount of time it's taken for everybody and his or her cousin to provide updates, additions, and corrections, give final approvals, etc.  When this document finally gets published online, I'm going to crack open a bottle of, um, whatever they'll let me drink at the office and then say a shehecheyanu.


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